Localgovcamp London 2010

ByMichele Ide-Smith

Localgovcamp London 2010

Well I had a great day today at Localgovcamp in London catching up with my localgov Twitter friends and meeting lots of interesting new people.

Many thanks to Anke Holst and Hadley Beeman for organising and for all the sponsors and participants for making it such an inspiring and enjoyable day. Check out the Twitter feed from the day and also the timetable of sessions and photos.

Because my time is at a premium at the moment (and I really need to spend the weekend working on my dissertation), I decided to do some live blogging during the day. It was really a spur of the moment decision when the first session started and I’ve never tried it before. I set up a Posterous account there and then and it was pretty straightforward. Luckily I can type fast so hopefully I have captured the flow of the conversation, however I may have misrepresented some of the points made. If you have any comments/inputs do add comments.

I ran two sessions in the morning. One on embedding social media in your organisation which turned out to be a very lively and useful discussion. I hope someone has some notes as I didn’t make any! However we did note that embedding social media is a full-time role (and some councils have taken on social media officers). We also agreed that more social media case studies are needed as the use of social media is very contextual and depends on service area, service users and circumstances. It was suggested that we use the IDeA Knowledge Hub for sharing stories.

The other session was on usability testing tools and there was a good discussion around usability testing in councils. I’ve added the slides with links to the usability tools below for information.

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