Fenland social media project

ByMichele Ide-Smith

Fenland social media project

I’ve been working on a project for the last few months up in the rural Fens of north Cambridgeshire. We’re piloting the use of social media by public sector agencies to engage local communities. I’ve blogged about governance and a digital engagement framework in relation to this project before.

We’ve now set up a project blog so we can share what we learn with other local authorities and public sector agencies. Or anyone that’s interested really. I’ve written a bit of blurb about the project.

It’s also an opportunity to share some ideas about community engagement using social media and reflect on how social media is changing local government and local democracy.

There are some other really interesting projects going on that I’m keeping an eye on:

I’m fascinated by top down vs. bottom up approaches to using social media to improve local democracy. I’m also researching the perceptions and attitudes of council officers and citizens towards the use of social media for community engagement.

If you know of any other projects in this area please let me know by leaving a comment.

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