I’ve  been creating sketchnotes since 2011. My sketchnotes have appeared in The Sketchnote Handbook and 143 Visuals To Inspire You To Take Action.

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I’ve discovered that there are hundreds of talented and inspiring sketchnoters out there, through Sketchnote Army and the Sketchnote and Sketchnote Handbook groups on Flickr.

My personal motive for sketchnoting was to gain confidence and improve my own sketching technique. As a UX Designer, sketching is an invaluable skill to have in your toolkit. If you have the confidence to get up and sketch on a whiteboard in front of a group of people, you’ll make progress on a complex design problem far more quickly.

Sketching can be used for:

  • exploring a design problem with your team;
  • explaining or validating your understanding of a complex concept or system, with a client or developers;
  • validating your understanding of a process or system when doing contextual design research;
  • communicating research findings in a more visual way to your team or stakeholders;
  • designing UX deliverables (such as persona);
  • communicating and exploring interface or interaction design ideas;
  • creating very quick prototype designs.

Sketchnoting has really taken off as a way to capture talks and ideas in a visual way, thanks to Mike Rohde who wrote the excellent practical guide to sketchnoting, .

I upload all my sketchnotes to Flickr.


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