I’m a UX Designer living near Cambridge, UK. I love solving complex problems and designing products and services that make peoples’ lives easier. I’m currently managing a small design team at CARET (Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies), within the University of Cambridge.

Me and my dog

I’ve used this blog to reflect on my experiences of working in local government and an Agile software company, and share what I’ve learned along the way.

I love helping to build UX communities. I’ve co-organised the Cambridge Usability Group, a local UX meetup, since 2009. This blog has taken a bit of a back seat since I got involved in co-organising conferences. I helped establish Service Design in Government in 2014 and I also co-organise UX Cambridge and UX Scotland with the amazing team at Software Acumen.

I enjoy public speaking and from time to time I speak at events and run workshops.

I’m a sketchnoter and my sketchnotes have been featured in The Sketchnote Handbook and 143 Visuals To Inspire You To Take Action.




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